What can hospice do for you?

Msunduzi Hospice provides Home Based Care only in the greater Msunduzi Municipality (there are a few areas outside of the municipality where services are provided).

Our care is provided free of charge and no member of our staff will request payment for any of the care services provided. In some cases medical aids will pay for Hospice and/or Palliative Care and with permission, claims will be made. The availability of these funds will have no impact on whether Hospice services are made available or on the quality of those services.

Our care is provided by members of an Interdisciplinary Team made up of nurses, social workers, memory workers, and care givers. Volunteer doctors provide input at team meetings. Occasional volunteer physiotherapists, complimentary therapists are available to provide insight into patient needs.

Our care is limited by the available resources and because of this prospective patients are screened against a set of criteria as detailed below:

  • Confirmed diagnosis of an advanced incurable disease (life threatening illness);
  • The prospective patient should have a poor prognosis;
  • The patient must give consent to be referred to Msunduzi Hospice;

The following diagnostic tests will support the admission process:

  • For HIV patients, a CD4 count and viral load is required;
  • For TB patients, a recent sputum result confirming diagnosis;
  • For cancer patients, a referral letter and/or a Hospice medical form indicating stage of illness and prognosis from your oncologist;
  • For any other end stage, life threatening illness, a referral letter and/or Hospice medical form indicating stage of illness and prognosis from your doctor;
  • Children are admitted on the same criteria as listed above;

What happens next?

  • Once the patient has given permission (consent) to be referred to Hospice, the person making the referral will send a letter and/or the Hospice medical form to Msunduzi Hospice. (The patient themselves, or a close family member can also make this referral.)
  • The prospective patient will then be screened by a member of the care team to determine if the patient will benefit from the services provided by Msunduzi Hospice and if they meet our criteria;
  • If this is the case an initial assessment (first assessment) is completed by a nurses and a care plan is drawn up in consultation with the patient, the patient’s family, (and any one else who may have an input into the care of the patient;
  • This care plan is then implemented (revised as necessary);

Please contact our offices for more information.

Also available from Msunduzi Hospice is a range of workshops. These workshops focus on aspects of palliative and hospice care and are ideal for those in the care industry and also for those wanting to help loved ones at home. These workshops are offered to groups of 10 or more participants. In some instances CPD points will be applied for. The cost of these workshops varies and is adjusted from year to year.

The following list of courses and workshops are available at Msunduzi Hospice for groups of ten or more people. Please contact Sheila for more information.

Children and grief workshop – 2 day workshop – the focus is on children who have suffered loss and are grieving. Sadly, many children in today's society have suffered from one or more losses in some form or another and the workshop also looks at practical ways in which to help these children. An explanation of memory work is also included.

Introduction to palliative care for professionals – 5 day workshop designed to create an understanding of the principles of palliative care. At the end of the course participants should be able to begin applying these principals. The course explores the holistic approach to the care of the person and families facing life threatening illnesses and covers physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of care and the many challenges faced in each of these areas.

Basic Hospice course – 6 mornings or otherwise structured to meet participants available time - this course looks at the basic work of Hospice and also serves as a safe platform to explore your own feelings around loss and illness. It is both a course to increase knowledge and a course for personal growth. It looks at topics such as loss, grief and bereavement, palliative care, spiritual and cultural care, pain and symptom management, the dying patient, communication skills. The course is very interactive with daily theory sessions followed by group work and homework.

Grief and bereavement workshop – 2 day workshop exploring the concepts of loss, grief and bereavement. The workshop looks at how grief affects us, what is normal, how can we help others and can also give some understanding about our own responses and ways of coping with grief.

Counselling workshop - This 2 morning workshop is focused on developing an understanding of the basic skills required for communication in a therapeutic relationship. Theory of the basic skills is given followed by an opportunity to practice these skills within the safe environment of the workshop.

Introduction to Palliative care for ENA’s and Carers – 5 day workshop - The concept of palliative care is unpacked and some of the issues relating to facing a life threatening or serious illness are looked at. The holistic approach to patient care is explored. The course is designed to increase understanding of palliative care and how it can be applied in any setting to improve quality of life for the patient.