How you can help us.

There are a number of ways in which the public can support the work of Msunduzi Hospice. While we do charge medical aids for the care that we provide this makes a very small proportion of our income. The remainder of our services are subsidised by your generosity and the donations of individuals and corporate donations.

Retail: Our retail activities generate a significant portion of our monthly income which is then used to support patient care and other administrative functions within Msunduzi Hospice. All the items sold in our three shops have been donated by the generous members of the wider community of Pietermaritzburg. These items have been lovingly cared for by you, our supporters, and we truly appreciate every donation that we receive. We have three shops from which the donated items can be purchased – a clothing shop, a bric-a-brac shop and a book shop. All our shops are well supported by the community and we encourage you pay us a visit.

Events: Msunduzi Hospice hosts a number of fantastic, fun filled events during the year which also contribute towards our income. These events range from fairs to wine tasting to formal dinners. Please like our Facebook page to remain up to date on these events. Please visit our Facebook page to keep up to date with events.

For more information on how you can help us please send an email to or phone on +27332602800.

Grant/proposal writing: Msunduzi Hospice relies not only on the generosity of members of the community, but we also approach business to support our care services. Formal proposals are developed and submitted to a number of businesses locally and internationally wherein we request specific funding to continue our operations. Our thanks to those many organisations, companies, trusts who support us. Various documents are available on request from the office (e.g., Audited financials, statistical reports, etc.) please request these by emailing Those items which are in the public domain will be emailed to you within a week.

Telemarketing: We have a small telemarketing programme that we administer ourselves. At the moment this is operated by a volunteer in order to keep down the associated costs. Your support, if and when you are approached, would be appreciated. We remain grateful for those who make regular donations in support of Msunduzi Hospice.

Volunteers form an integral aspect of our activities here at Hospice and if you are interested in assisting as a volunteer, please contact the PA who will set up an appointment for you.