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Keep calm and choose hospice

We recently interviewed the daughter of a patient. The patient had died late in 2020 and the daughter, Francisca, agreed to be interviewed detailing her experiences of the care that we provided.

Many people think about Hospice care in a limited way, limiting their experience of the care that we provide to Home Based care that focuses on clinical issues/problems.

There is so much more to the work that we do. There is so much more for your to experience as a patient at Msunduzi Hospice.

Palliative Care is holistic care. We provide the anticipated clinical services. These tend to focus on pain control, the alleviation of symptoms associated with the illness or the treatment of the illness. They focus on helping the patient to understand their illness and the treatment that they are undergoing.

Alongside these services we provide emotional support to both the patient and their families (households). A great deal of this support is provided in the form of counselling services with the aim of developing resilience. Counselling to help the patient prepare for their own death, counselling to help the family prepare for the death of their loved one, counselling to help children come to terms with the changes in their circumstances. These services are initiated by the nurses but continued by our team of social workers.

There is so much more to Hospice and Palliative care.

Take time to listen to this interview with Francisca where she sets out her experience at Msunduzi Hospice, click here.

For more information on the services available to our patients and their families (households) please give us a call on 0607173949 or email Sheila on pcmanager@hospicekzn.co.za.

We care because you matter. Help us to care for you.

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